Demetrius Brown, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Demetrius Investments LLC

Demetrius Brown is the Founding President, and Principal Shareholder for Demetrius Investments LLC and General Partner for Income Property Solution. Demetrius has been deeply involved in Florida, and Louisiana real estate as a Landlord, Flipper, and long-term investor in Multi-Family Properties for 15 years.

Born in the Tampa Bay Area of Clearwater FL, Demetrius attended business administration from St. Petersburg College. Following his education, he spent years in continuing education in real estate courses.

Demetrius started a business doing club promotions in 2004 which he currently receives royalties from. Following the Entertainment Industry Demetrius studied and began investing in stocks as a value Investor. In addition to investing in small Multi-Family properties and becoming a Landlord, which helped him develop skills with lease up’s, tenant retention, tenant turnovers, screening, rent increases, market analysis, surveys, and systems with evictions, late fees, rent rolls, emergencies, work orders, and overseeing a team of accountants, attorneys, and Maintenance Techs.

Demetrius real estate acquisitions dates back to before 2004 with his mother taking control of the family real estate business with emphasis on Property Management, with 11 different properties under control and managed. Demetrius has been a full time Landlord and Multi-Family Real Estate Investor ever since.

Demetrius founded Demetrius Investments, LLC in 2011 as a Conglomerate Holding Company. In 2015 began rental property acquisitions In Tampa Bay Florida. In 2015 Demetrius also began to expand his nationwide building and development activities, including in the State of Louisiana.

Following 2015, Demetrius became a member of The Tampa Bay Real Estate Investors Association, and in 2016 Demetrius also became a member of New Orleans Real Estate Investors Association.

In 2017 Demetrius was awarded the certificate of completion from The Land Lord Academy in Tampa, FL and awarded the Louisiana Contractors Certificate from Delgado College in New Orleans in 2018. Shortly after Forming Income Property Solution a Commercial Real Estate Company that has also brought in other General Partners and Limited Partners. In addition Toast Masters International, a Public Speaking & Leadership Group. In addition to joining Vinney Smiles Chopra Mentorship and Commercial Real Estate MasterMind Group in 2019.

Demetrius property portfolio consist of Multi-Family Properties, Vacant Land, and Single Family Homes, in Florida, and Louisiana. Currently Demetrius Investments has formed a Strategic Alliance with other Syndicate’s/General Partners, through investing in Large Commercial Multi-Family Apartments.

As an involved community entrepreneur, Demetrius focuses his charitable contributions on regional education, homeless shelters, and lecturing kids in the local communities. Demetrius has also given significant monetary charitable contributions during his lifetime.

Finally, Demetrius joined the Westshore Alliance Tampa in 2019, & sits on the Westshore Alliance Master Plan Committee. Demetrius is also a member of the Exclusively Private University Club Of Tampa and other Fraternities, societies and organizational institutions and will soon start a giving Foundation.

Our WHY is to give back add value to society by opening learning centers in poverty-stricken areas around the globe and provide QUALITY Housing to people all over the world.