“It’s In the best Interest to be associated with somebody where the financial strength Is strong and where the name stood for integrity. What other quality would you want that Demetrius Investments LLC does not have? I don’t think you could find one.” – Demetrius Brown, Managing Member.

Demetrius Investments LLC is a real estate Investment team built for a new era in Commercial Real Estate. The brand, among the few organizations entrusted to use the world-renowned Demetrius Investments name, brings to the real estate market a definitive mark of stability, strength, quality and innovation.

Demetrius Investments LLC is refreshingly real, whether we’re operating in the high-end residential markets, in entry-level neighborhoods, in commercial real estate, or in the kind of middle-class, middle-market communities that are so integral to society. As important, our network is grounded in the financial strength and deep tradition of Moneil Investment Group with Vinney Chopra companies, which are immersed in commercial real estate and understand the business from every possible angle.

Our vision is crystal clear: to be the best-recognized and most highly respected corporate, and property ownership services brand in the United States and worldwide. Our mission is succinct: to provide services and support that significantly increase the growth and profitability of the network’s affiliates and clients. Demetrius Investments LLC – excellence, integrity and trust, backed by the reputation of Demetrius Brown. The combination will help our affiliates command growth and attract and retain top team members far into the future.