Seeking Real Estate Acquisition Specialist


We hold everyone on our team to an exceptionally high standard. Each of them possesses excellent communication skills, at a level of patience, and a genuine desire to creatively enhance customer satisfaction. A position with our dynamic team means you’ll work directly with our customers to ensure they receive a top-tier experience at every turn. You’ll find your ideal position will enable you to learn from a range of diverse roles in our customer service, wholesale acquisitions, to 1. Source Leads (For Sale By Owner) (FSBO sites, FSBO signs, post ads, text lists, mailings, place FSBO signs) 2. Make Opening Calls to sellers – return calls to house sellers who contact us within a 3-hour period during normal hours (Utilize incoming and outgoing phone calls and texts) 3. Fill out property lead sheets, sometimes using CRM’s to take detailed notes using Dreams & other software 4. Set and assign all follow-ups (New leads need to be called 3 times over a 2-day period and texted immediately after each call. If no answer, follow up every week for one month and every month for 12 months) 5. Utilize Google calendar for appointments and reminders. Utilize Dreams and other software for follow-up tasks. 6. Make closing calls and set deal meeting appointments 7. Do deal meetings (use zoom or other video apps as needed) 8. Fill out contracts and get documents signed using DocuSign. Make sure customers are followed up with to get contracts signed and needed documentation. 9. Maintain adequate organization 10. Send signed contracts to title company/closing attorney 11. Assist in scheduling closing 12. Assist in getting testimonials from each client using SoTellUs and having them post across Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

Located in our region of South West Region of Florida

Compensation: This position is 100% profit-sharing, with the opportunity to have a permanent position with the company. Position available immediately.

Contact number attached with any questions.

Qualities our company holds in high esteem, and responsibilities are:

Good attitude, communication speed, grammar/vocabulary, minimal real estate knowledge, good brain type, communicator, confidence, coachable, competent, charming, capable, considerate, cash-hungry, and clever.

A typically ideal schedule is usually; Mon through Fri 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Sat 10 AM-6 PM Eastern Standard Time. However, we offer a flexible schedule. Open House Days are subject to change. Must be able to work Saturdays and “both live and drive within the South West Region of Florida and/or within the Tampa Bay Area”, including the Tampa Bay Area, Sarasota, Brooksville, and Lakeland MSA’s, around 50% of the time while simultaneously sometimes working remotely from your home the remainder of the time.

What makes this position unique is how diverse this position will be with continuing updated systems, processes, soft wear, learning, and a flexible schedule.

In addition to getting to grow with a unique team of individuals who are fun, dynamic, and continuing to move towards our “Why” of giving back and adding value to society.

Demetrius Brown,

Managing Member on behalf of;

Demetrius Investments LLC

Link to Application: Please download and email to Demetrius L. Brown

Job Application

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