7 Profitable And Popular Reasons Why People [Invest] With Income Property Solution


Hello, we are delighted for the enormous demand of people looking to partner and invest with our family. 


The truth about [IPS] is, we buy Commercial Real Estate in Emerging Markets. That produces good cash flows with a strong back-end. We accept exclusive Investors Partners, and we give our Investors an equity position. 


  1. We take a conservative approach.

  2. “We give our investors the majority of the cash flow and the majority of the equity, because we want our Investors to have a lot of incentives to participate in our deals.”

  3. “We only buy in areas with a predictable path of progress: The jobs are coming, where the new businesses are moving in…. And we do a lot of research with the local Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Groups, and the US Census Bureau, because they provide a lot of extensive information that we have to use to identify where we are going to acquire our investments.”

  4. “Most of the time we like to buy, B&C Properties in A or B areas.”

  5. “Our Exit Strategies are: Value Add Play, & Momentum play”.

    (Value Add Play: when you renovate the building in order to increase the value of the property)

    (Momentum Play: The property is already cash flowing and you can start paying cash flows to investors from day one of operation. “Turn key”90-95% occupied)

  6. “We typically want to be in & out of the marketplace within 3-7 years depending on where we come in the cycle… That’s the emerging cycle.”

  7. “Our company is SEC Compliant, and we follow all the rules & regulations put forth by the SEC.”


“If you would like more details, we’d be happy to talk with you”. 


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