Welcome to the monthly update for Hartsville Pike! 



Happy Tuesday, 

Our focus has been on leasing the units with high quality, qualified tenants. 

The slower months at the end of the year have come to an end, and as such we are seeing the seasonal demand pick up as we head into the peak rental months. Our Apartments.com marketing package includes virtual tours which have been useful during this COVID-19 period for self tours. Have a tour by clicking here and selecting Virtual Tour.

Operational Highlights

  • We have 3 move-ins scheduled 

  • An additional lease is approved

  • One application from a family is pending

  • We had our first move in on Friday Feb 19 despite the heavy snow storm. 

Now that we have residents moving in, we are setting up valet trash, which is a value add amenity for residents that will provide an additional revenue stream for us.

We now have RUBS set up. RUBS is a Ratio Utility Billing System that allows us to submeter the water charges, which will increase our NOI.

We have started a cost segregation study, which will provide accelerated tax benefits.

Please feel free to reach out to Demetrius with any questions or concerns.


Have a great day


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  Demetrius L. Brown


Our WHY is to give back, add value to society and enrich lives around the world by providing QUALITY Housing