Happy Monday

Welcome to the monthly update for Hartsville Pike! Our focus is still on leasing the available units to high quality, qualified residents. 

As expected, we have seen demand pick up and we are seeing a sharp increase in viewings and applications. Based on current activity, we believe we will cross the 60 – 70% occupancy mark in the next month. We have 10 units filled as of, April 30.


Operational Highlights

  • The three scheduled move-ins from last month did occur so those units are now occupied

  • Five new move-ins scheduled 

  • Six applications in progress


We are excited to see the increased momentum with move-ins at Hartsville Pike Townhomes.

Please feel free to reach out to Demetrius Brown with any questions.


Best wishes, 


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Demetrius L. Brown



Our WHY is to give back, add value to society and enrich lives around the world by providing QUALITY Housing