Please help us get a balanced approach to evictions


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Income Property Solution has teamed up with the Rock Star Commercial Real Estate Investors Robert Ritzenthaler, and the world famous Rod Kleif of REM Capital. To ask for your help in getting a balanced approach to evictions.

If you haven’t done so already, please click below to voice your opinions and concerns to Congress. 

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) enacted a nationwide moratorium for all rental properties that went into effect on September 4. We need your help to protect the apartment industry and the millions of residents we serve.

Please tell Congress that an eviction moratorium by itself will devastate the apartment industry and does nothing to protect apartment communities and the 17.5 million jobs supported by the industry. We MUST have a robust rental assistance program!


Take action by clicking here and filling out the quick form to send a message to your member of Congress and Senators. Rental assistance is the best solution to keep residents in their homes and allow our industry to continue protecting our communities, pay our employees and meet our own financial obligations.

 We are working to combat the massive impact of the ongoing eviction moratorium on our industry and would appreciate your help by voicing your concern.

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