The Anatomy of the perfect lease

The Anatomy of the Perfect Lease

Advice for creating, using and enforcing tenant leases


A lease is likely one of the most popular contracts that you use in your business. But when was the last time you looked carefully to be sure it is up to date, airtight, and designed to maximize your income?

Check out our guide to design a new lease from scratch or simply re-evaluate the leasing process you already have in place. You’ll learn:

  • What language to include in your lease
  • Clauses you should consider adding
  • When and how to be consistent with dates, exceptions, fees and fines
  • Best practices around enforcing and renewing leases to protect yourself and your owners

The Anatomy of the Perfect Lease

Great property management begins with a great lease. That’s because smart, clear leases help keep you organized, compliant with laws, and can help make you more profitable and efficient in your business. Download this comprehensive guide for advice on how to write and enforce a bulletproof lease for your properties.

We’ll share advice on:

  • What a lease is and why you need one
  • A step-by-step breakdown of an airtight lease
  • 6 important qualities of any great lease
  • How to write a lease that actually makes you money


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