Special thanks to:


1st my family. They are my everything, and the biggest part of my why.


2nd our residents. Thank you for being awesome, paying rent on time and being a part of our community.


3rd to all our Business Partners. Especially our Asset Managers.


4th To our Executive Assistants. Especially you Elle.  You guys are so awesome at finding these Off-Market Deals. In addition to allowing us to buy, sell, and wholesale smaller Real Estate Deals in between us buying larger Commercial Apartments.


5th To our Awesome Rock Star Property Managers Ron and Keven In addition to all the staff. Thank you guys for all you’ve done.


6th To our Mortgage Brokers. Especial you Dennis.


7th Wouldn’t be able to add value without our top contractors over at Cohen Construction. Thank you Dan.


8th To both of our Accountants and book keepers at Roman CPA. And Brandon Hall.


9th To our Closing Attorney Andrew Hoek, as well as everyone else at the title company. Thank you guys for all your patients. 


10th To our SEC Attorneys Mauricio Rauld Who has the Rising Star Award for top SEC Attorney in the Country. In addition to Kim L. Taylor.


11th To my Mentor Vinney Smiles Chopra, and his partner Jon Roosen! Vinney even though we meet on a weekly basis, I still learn something new every time I talk to you. It’s truly an honor to been in the High Net Worth Commercial Real Estate Mastermind Alliance Group. Thank you both for everything.


12th To all our Real Estate Brokers. Thank you for all the hard work to bring us these deals. We also appreciate getting first dibs on the pocket listings.

13th To Scott Graham, Our Cost Segregation Specialist. 


14th To all our awesome Investors!!! Thank you guys for believing in us for all these years.
Especially those that have Invested with us. You guys rock!


Lastly both myself, our Business Partners, and some sellers we know will each be selling some of our smaller properties, to trade for Larger Commercial Apartments.
So keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Respectfully Yours
Demetrius L. Brown





“Here at Income Property Solution we buy commercial real estate in Emerging Markets. They produce
good cash flows with a strong back-end. We’re always looking for investor
partners, and we’re willing to give you an equity position.

If you would like more details, We would be happy to talk with you. “


Have a great day!

Demetrius L. Brown, & Team


Our WHY is to give back, add value to society and enrich lives around the world by providing QUALITY Housing